Product Description


  • Multi-axle 8-CCD wheel alignment system for passenger car
  • Australian & international vehicle database with more than 90,000 vehicles
  • Infra-red transmission among measuring heads
  • Bluetooth transmission between measuring heads & control console
  • Animated instructions with 3D animation showing alignment specifications
  • Quick run-out compensation by rolling the vehicle by only 30˚
  • Wireless keyboard on each sensor head with remote-control function
  • Synoptic LED signal repeaters on each measuring head
  • Vehicle spoiler program automatically activates to measure lowered vehicles
  • Windows based platform for data management & program display
  • Customer databank can record up 20,000 jobs
  • Easily search customer databank by customer name or registration number
  • Quick, accurate, simple & reliable wheel alignment system
  • On-Rack Test Drive™ function quickly verifies whether the steering wheel will be straight before removing the instrumentation from the vehicle
  • Simple automatic vehicle specification & token install operation
  • STDA35E premium 3-point alloy self-centering wheel clamps, with
    • 8” – 24” rim capacity
    • 480 – 910 mm tyre diameter capacity
    • Safety string set to retain clamp
  • 27” LCD monitor
  • PC with Windows operating system
  • Supplied standard with turntables, steering lock & brake pedal lock
  • Closed mobile control console housing sensor heads & computer hardware
  • Integrated quick-charge hangers allows for charging of the sensor heads while stored
  • Wall brackets for wheel clamp storage
  • Optional STDA141 Aligner Connect token & software
  • Optional STDA14 calibration jig also available

8-CCD Wheel Alignment System

Model: R1070

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Aligner Connect


Aligner Connect

Control the alignment screen from the palm of your hand!