Product Description


  • Electronic heavy duty wheel balancer with 2D technology
  • Large digital display with integrated keyboard
  • Automatic distance and diameter input via internal data arm
  • Manual width data input
  • Pneumatic wheel lift as standard
  • Automatic stop of the wheel to the unbalanced position
  • Alloy wheel programs
  • Electro-pneumatic air brake locks the wheel in the unbalanced position
  • Durable weight tray with built in digital display
  • Low balancing speed
  • Accommodates rim width of 38 – 558 mm (1.5” – 22”)
  • Accommodates rim diameter of 254 – 762 mm (10” – 30”)
  • Standard with passenger car balancing cones (44 – 132 mm range)
  • Standard with light truck balancing cones (118 – 281 mm range)
  • Optional GAR171 3-Finger adaptor (3×170, 186, 205, 222, 245)
  • Optional GAR172 4-Finger adaptor (4×275, 285)
  • Optional GAR173 5-Finger adaptor (5×225, 286, 335)
  • Optional GAR362 wheel guard also available
  • Manufactured in Italy

Computerised Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer

Model: R540

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3 Years Parts & Labour Warranty

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